Pre-Q (Mobile Ordering App)

The future of takeaway ordering…

Can your business afford NOT to be a part of it?


Your own branded app and on-line ordering system
for a fraction of the price of JUST EAT.


Your customers download your branded app from the App Store or Google Play, or order directly from your website with our embedded orders solution.

To receive orders all you need is an Internet connection. You can even receive orders on your phone with the   Manager app. If you want, orders can be sent directly to your kitchen printer or EPoS system.

The platform features a complete stock management and business analysis system.

It will calculate and report on areas of your business such as stock holding assisting you to reduce waste, peak times allowing you to accurately plan staff hours and profit and loss.

Use your fully comprehensive dashboard to manage your brand quickly and easily in real time and update your app and on-line information with special offers and deals.

Your customer data is saved and filtered into easy-to-use reports for future email and SMS marketing campaigns.


Can you afford NOT to have it?


Will it increase my sales?

YES. 75% of your potential customers aren't using you because you don’t take on-line orders. By having an on-line order system you are quadrupling your potential customer base.

Will it help grow my business?

Definitely. Your own dedicated app lends credibility to your business and makes your brand more visible.

Every time a customer picks up their smart phone they’ll see your brand on their desktop. The first rule of advertising is “effective frequency” - the more someone sees your brand, the more likely they are to use your service and remain loyal to it.

What support do I get going forward?

Lots. Our support team is constantly at hand to offer   advice and support. Additional POS material and publicity for your venue can always be ordered, and we have a dedicated marketing team who will be able to assist in marketing campaigns aimed at developing and gaining exposure for your business.

Is it cheaper than Just Eat?

YES. Quite simply, if you take more than £1,400 per month in on-line orders, Pre-Q will save your business money.

Convinced yet?

Consider this…Statistically, customers spend an average of 25% more when ordering on-line. An average restaurant can save 30 staff hours per week thanks to on-line ordering.

How much does it cost?

A one off Setup fee of £495.

£45 per week. 0% commission on sales

All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%

Cost example…

A restaurant taking £10,000 per month in on-line orders pays Just Eat £1,400. Now compare that to a similar restaurant taking the same £10,000 on-line through Pre-Q and paying a fixed fee of £195 per month. 

A saving of £1,205 per month or £14,460 per year!


So, How do we compare?


* All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%



But Just Eat are a brand… I've never heard of Pre-Q

Not surprising.

Pre-Q is a white labeled system and is used by some of the largest catering operators in the country including the Aviva Stadium, Epsom and Sandown racecourses, The Barbican, the Royal Opera House, Baxter Storey, Compass and Caterlink.

Will I lose my customers if I switch from Just Eat?


Statistically, 52% of your existing customers will be using your new Pre-Q app in the first month. By the second month 89% will have switched.

How do I launch and
market my app?

Pre-Q assists you with start-up design and marketing, providing advertising fliers and Point of Sale (POS). In addition we can carry out direct marketing via SMS and email campaigns.

How do I receive orders?

You can receive orders from any device with an Internet connection: laptops, tablets and tills or smart phone. All on-line orders appear on your order screen and Management app. Orders can also be directed to your EPoS system.

How do I receive payment?

Payments for orders are directed to you as though it were a standard PDQ transaction and you’ll receive payment in a maximum of 5 days. We never handle your money.


Does it work?



Don’t let your business get left behind… Join the future of takeaway ordering NOW!


0% commission on all orders, always

Introductory kit of PoS to compliment your app

Branded app available in the App Store and Google Play

Customer and stock analytics dashboard

Assistance with future SMS & email marketing campaigns

Increase visibility for your business


So, what do you really want from an online ordering system?


To help your business grow?

To add credibility and visibility to your brand?

To provide the best customer experience and service?

To help manage your business, by reducing costs and increasing efficiency?

To increase profitability?

To be user friendly and versatile?

To come with good support & after-sales and marketing assistance to maximise it’s impact?


...Or all of the above?